DON’T have sex if you can’t cope with babies

Personally as a mom, Nana and a HUMAN I think this is the right judgment for this chick!  IF she’s ever allowed out they should steralize her to make sure she never does this again!

Police say the darkest of crimes happened early Monday morning on a quiet Oakdale Street.

According to the criminal complaint from the Washington County Attorney’s Office, that’s when, 17-year-old Nicole Marie Beecroft gave birth to a baby girl and put her into a garbage can.

Beecroft first told police the child was stillborn. But that wasn’t what police found when they searched her home.

Investigators found a baby’s body inside a garbage bag, inside a garbage can, along with a knife and some towels. The Ramsey County Medical Examiner later confirmed that the baby had been born alive and then stabbed more than 100 times.

When police confronted the teenage mother again, she responded that she’d been in a “panic” state and had stabbed the infant.

Hospitals say these cases are especially tragic, given the alternatives available to every parent, everywhere in Minnesota.

“Every hospital in the state of Minnesota is prepared to receive babies with the Safe Place program,” Sue Shaft, with Fairview Ridges Hospital said.

Under the Safe Haven law, anyone can leave a newborn three days or younger at a hospital, no questions asked. In fact, officials say someone dropped off a newborn at a Minnesota hospital just this week. That child is safe and in foster care.

Hospital staff says they only wish Beecroft knew she too had a choice.

“It brought tears to my eyes,” Shaft said. “I thought to myself, I wish so bad that that girl that made that choice would have known about this as an option and made it at the time.”

Beecroft is charged with first-degree murder.

Her mother says she didn’t know her overweight daughter was pregnant.





There is no doubt that a teenage girl who hid a pregnancy for nine months might feel frightened or even desperate.

“It’s just so sad,” says Washington County Attorney Doug Johnson.

But once the baby is born, why resort to murder? That question may never be answered in the case of Nicole Beecroft.

In April 2007, authorities say Beecroft, who was then 17 years old, secretly gave birth to a baby girl in her mother’s Oakdale home. She then took a knife, stabbed the infant 130 times and then threw the baby’s body in a dumpster.

Nearly two years later, a Washington County judge had found Beecroft guilty of murder.

“We expected a guilty verdict? There was evidence way beyond a reasonable doubt that the baby was in fact born alive,” says Johnson.

But Beecroft’s defense attorneys argued the baby was stillborn and Beecroft stabbed her after the baby was already dead.

“We were surprised by the verdict by virtue of the fact that we presented evidence in this case by two medical examiners,” says defense attorney Luke Stellpflug.

But prosecutors presented their own testimony from medical experts who said they believe Beecroft’s baby was born alive.

So what drove this young girl to such violence?

Prosecutors say Nicole Beecroft knew about Minnesota’s safe haven law that allows mothers to drop newborn babies off at the police station or the hospital with no questions asked.

They hope other women will make a different choice.

“It is a very safe thing. They can come into any part of the emergency room and give it to any staff and then walk away if they want to,” says Mary Woodley, a registered nurse at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Because the judge found Beecroft guilty of first-degree intentional murder, she received a mandatory life sentence. When asked if she had anything to say to the court, Beecroft did not. Beecroft waived her right to a jury trial.


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