A humane human!

stranded1As I munch a pickle and a tuna on light rye…


A human DOES in deed still exist! K…so I walk every day for part of my lunch break at work…it is currently 15 degrees Fahrenheit,  -10 for you Celsius people… Behind the factory where I work is a scattering of older farm homes, farmland, dirt roads, swamps, and an occasional graveyard to keep you on the straight and narrow basically not much life during the winter.   I usually walk out 10 minutes and back 10 minutes about a mile total leaving me enough time to punch back in, water my static crazy hair, and munch my lunch before getting back to work…thus I blather on a bit…So I’m a marching along the side of the roan since my new nice to look at boots are totally non conducive to walking, sauntering or strolling… This older gentleman drives by in his nice little small tan very clean pickup complete with matching topper…a few moments later he comes back and pulls over by me…and asks am I just out for some exercise or am I walking back to my damaged vehicle?!?  Heavens this neat old guy probably a whole month younger than my dad was coming to my rescue! Wicked cool or what…coarse this guy had probably survived WWII so he grew up with manners and saving the lady in distress, but hew how neat is it to be rescued when yer out just exercising!   Well, there’s my moment of AW…people can be humane!

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