Dear Santa

santa-claus1Dear Santa…St. Nick…Mr. Claus?!?


I realize I’m an adult and I really haven’t ‘believed’ in you since I was eight and asked for a cat, a real cat…I made that perfectly clear at the time…and Christmas morning when I ran out to the tree, there sat a stuffed animal in the shape of a Siamese cat…dude, you didn’t even get the breed correct.  But I’ll be the big guy and let bygones by bygones.  I just have a little request this year…a wee one, should be relatively easy for you you’re the one night wonder after all!

I want happiness…not for me of course, I can cope with life’s ups and downs, I’m middle aged and have seen and lived quite a bit.  I know good comes with the bad and we all need to deal.  I want happiness for my children, there’s only 2 of them so this should be essentially wham bam and there you go.  When they were very little I believe they had moments of happiness, they’re older now, some times I think they’re older than me.  They don’t see the glass as half full ever; in fact I think they see the glass as empty, chipped and dirty, ready for the trash.  I just want them to look at the sky for the clouds and the shapes they take.  I want them to see the moon at night and wonder at the face that there.  I want them to eat a chocolate like it’s the best thing they’ve ever had…ever.  I want them to watch a comedy or stand-up or even America’s Funniest Videos and laugh till they cry.  I guess I just want them to wake up every day and just be OK with being alive, look in the mirror and be please with their appearance, go to work or where ever and just be Happy.  Or at least glad?!?


Yeah…so hey thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read something that isn’t about toys, games, the odd pony or electronics.


Yours just because, Yane


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