No longer Blind


I was so blind

For 4 years I’ve behaved like a normal person

Enjoyed people,

Looked for the silver lining and usually found it

I’ve created

I’ve found joy

I’ve found Companionship

I’ve found Love, happiness acceptance, bliss, fearlessness

Until this day…

I have pretended nothing ever happened.

I tried to forget

I tried to forgive…no small feat.

Now I must face up to what’s about to happen.

Our own evil will once again be free.

My fear is inexplicable

I can’t spell it, draw it or voice it.

I am so afraid.

I want him to have changed.

I want him to have given up on us.

I want him to not blame us.

I want him to leave ALL of us alone.

I want him to realize HIS errors

And never repeat them.

I just want to never see his face again.

I want to eventually behave like a normal person.

I want to not fear who’s on the other side of the door.

I want to not worry about who’s not right in front of me.

My eyes are open again…sadly I am no longer blind.



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