Is it a Manic Monday?!?


Manic Monday?!? Hmmm…Yeah probably…fer sure in fact!  UGH!  It is -6 right now and promises a high of -4… WTF… I feet are frozen to the conctrete block beneath my feet here in one of the hottest offices at work… OY!

Jim was horribly sick all weekend.  When he was sleeping I wasn’t and last night was nothing new… I gotta remember to grab some ear plug from work and see if that works at all.  I can just hear too well.  The howling wind would get tangled up in the antenna (no idea if it is eaven hooked up to any TVs anymore) and the vibrating humm was making the windos vibrate.  Jim snoozed right through it…I however did not. 


Henry Rollins Stumpy Butt decided to rearrange his tank at least three times, smashing his food dish against the glass, flipping his house all over then burrying his water bottle under bedding… He’s lucky I didn’t feel like really hurting a wee rodent…

Xmas at mom’s has been rescheduled for this coming Sunday…agrivated sigh, so now this coming payday I need to squeeze a vase for mom, the photo deal for dad, 12 thimble and 12 scissors and most likely Oliver little people farm plus gas and budget $… Yeah I’m thrilled.  Travis will be taking Oliver Xmas eve through who knows and won’t be coming to mom’s cuz he’s picking up his brother from the airport.  I figure I’ll give Olie his gift at mom’s so he can at least get it.  I’ll PU Jim’s level, and Tab’s screw driver from Menards next Wednesday, card from Target for Jaz’s $.  THen call it all finally complete.  Whew.

santa__s_gonna_get_you____by_thecoleCan’t wait to be done with this holiday season so I can get to making the king-sized quilt for my bed, finishing all the boy quilts for TIny Angels and Project Linus.

I’m almost totally done with the sewing kits, 12 in all.  Just need the thimbles, straight pins and scissors.  If I have time (yeah right) I’m going to the dollar store and see what they have in the way of fold up scissors.

sewing-kit-deal-12-14-08This one’s mine for work. Blindingly wicked…huh?!?

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