ThurZdae THurZdae ra ra ra


(not my new machine…)


Woo Hoo! It is ever so Friday eve! Had our lovely health insurance meeting this morning…we all get to go to a high deductible frickin’ insurance now… $2,000 per person per year… UGH!  We will have the option of having a HS account to put $ towards our medical spending… great… more deductions from ever check… Love being one of the many working poor!


K so I had to QUICK make Jaz’s remaining dr. appointment for the year to try to get all her medications filled since she will no longer be on my insurance as of the 1st since she is not in school and she’s 18 now.  Sigh… only appointment available is 3:10 today so she’ll have to walk since I left early yesterday to take her to the OB/GYN…have no $…have no vacation left…have no incentive to even be a mother on most days now.  She applied for work where I work on Monday…I’m thinkin’ she may have to bite the bullet and apply at a few zillion other places too…just to afford her Rx since I have my own 10 per month to buy.  Bad enough I feel like I am definitely getting what Jim had and what most of my co-workers have been spewing on me.  Sniff, hork, wheeze…The OB/GYN was a massive bit of let down…the stitches are self absorbed…Jaz’ has to go to Kristen to get back on the regular birth control…so for missing 3.5 hours of work we accomplished absolutely NOTHING… I go in on the 27 for my fasting cholesterol test so I think I’ll get ALL my Rx filled at the same time since this whole insurance thing is so F’ed up I have no idea how I’ll be able to afford the drugs that do not come in a generic. Thought the holiday season was to be one of love peace giving a hoot for your fellow poverty stricken employee…guess I had it confused with something else.


This week Jim was nice enough to forgo the usual $55 needed for budget so we all can afford a bit of holiday cheer.  So, I picked up 11 rubber thimbles for the sewing kits, the next size up of yo-yo makers for me, mom’s gift: yummy assed candle set, dad’s gift: a photo carousel deal, Oliver’s gifts: little people farm and a walking flapping dragon, Heidi’s journal: covered in different buttons, a pair of slippers as part of Jazmin’s gift that she got now since the floors are cold, and one of Jim’s gifts: the fabulous black & Decker level deal.  Since our Xmas at mom’s is Sunday and the holiday meal here at work is this coming Monday I picked up some bright red bell bottoms and a green t-shirt that has an elf look to it.  I got some lime green marabou package trim to make bows for the ponytails I plan for my hair. Jim’s like…you’re dressing in costume for Xmas now?!?  Not really …well OK a bit…Just dressing the part! I get tired of trying to blend in with the huddled masses…I gotta be me…a freak… J


2 comments on “ThurZdae THurZdae ra ra ra

  1. Wow…I feel your pain.
    Our insurance carrier sent us a LOVELY note in time for xmas…
    telling us that as of Jan. we will have to pay $100 more a MONTH for the premium. Fun Fun. And, that’s not all…of course the benefits will ALL CHANGE…but all that is to be sent to us LATER! So, I called right away to make appts. and get this…I just went in today…have a mammogram XMAS EVE! and a wonderful visit with the OB dude NEW YEAR’s EVE…all to beat the January and ’09 fun. Our deductible is already at a great high…so I am afraid to see what it changes to. I cannot buy any meds unless they are on the generic list at Wal Mart. Seriously. And that is mostly because drugs NOT on that list are at least $200+ in cost. It is ridiculous.
    much sympathy and apathy…
    alicia in Hawaii

  2. FInances are just TOO fun (dripping with sarcasm) but as my mom was kind enough to point out, at least we’re employed…being a bit better employed would be nice though! 🙂

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