TGI F-ing F…even!

I am painfully ever so glad it is FRIDAY!  UGH!  Between stupidity in the economic – insurance pile of dung and throwing out the middle (yeah middle) of my back…I’m in rare form today…not!  Welcome to my pissy whiny wa wa wa blog moment…

Work is INSANE…I’m totally inundated with great steaming piles of paper work… WTF people?!?  I’ve had days where I’m searching for work…filing extra slow just to keep occupied…now I have 2 new molds, 4 to change to work in progress…ECR’s flowing like a severed artery…insanity!  We’ve our Xmas meal here on Monday… I’ll be bringing in all the sewing kits for: Sue, Judi, Bonnie, Melissa, Roxanne (yes I’m singing her name) & Katherine, Paul’s wee Rover quilt + the 37 non-holiday ornaments I made for everyone on 1st shift. Gotta get the Newsletter done and out by none Tuesday…so far not many have donated any fodder to it so I guess I’ll be filling it up with holiday nonsense.  We may have made our 4th quarter goal which would be monetarily nice for a switch.



Jim with the Wal-Mart Santa…2 funny!

Santa at Day care next Tuesday and I have to leave early, PU Oliver @ 1pm on Wednesday…grab what ever my piddly chech brings and run to Down in the Valley to find Jim’s Xmas CD, Somewhere to get Tab’s cordless drill with bits and a cool card to put Jazmin’s $ in…And have Olie back in tome for Travis to take him to Iowa for Xmas…See…Insanity!

This Sunday we’re doing Xmas at my mom’s: Me, Jim, Tabitha, Jazmin, Oliver mom & dad…Chicken Kiev with all the fixin’s…I do hope my back feels better by then…I’ll be wearing my sad Xmas elfish outfit…I’m sure my mom will be underwhelmed…Oh well…

Maude it’s only 9:41…I hope I survive the day!


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