not long enough holiday weekend

Sew Sew Sew rather than ho ho ho!


I sewed, cut, painted…contemplated like a freak this long holiday weekend!  Even with all the insane driving!  Wednesday we (me, Jim, Tab) went to Best Buy, Target, a shoe store and Byrley’s wine & spirits. I got Jim a set of Dirty Harry and Fear & Loathing in Los Vegas.  Got Jaz 2 CDs she didn’t have…at the shoe store I got myself a pair of Mudd shoes and a set of ‘gay’ rainbowie socks.  At the wine and spirits as we walked pass some captured shoplifters in the back of the squad car guffaw and giggle, Jim bought me a bottle of Godiva chocolate liquor. Oh my Maude in Himmel!  This booze was like silk! Liquid chocolate!  Too yummy!  Then home to open gifts ho ho ho…yadda yadda yadda!

Jim go me a tiny hot pink not an iPod shuffle that I just filled with music off my computer here. He also got me a set of Lady sings the Blues CDs and the latest Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.  Too fun!


 He made the yummiest turkey boob hold the nipple for Xmas dinner complete with real mashed potatoes, dressing and lots of gravy!


Friday Tab worked, Travis had Oliver and I took Jim & Jaz into Heights Welding to PU his paycheck, cashed it…got irritatingly lost in Maple Grove searching for a Michaels and ended up going to the Michaels by Ridgedale, then trying to go to down in the Valley in Wayzata…it is GONE!!!  No really…it isn’t there any more!  TOTALLY UNHAPPY!


Saturday we had Oliver as Tab had to work again.  Jim and I took him out to Hutchinson to see if we could get there.  I wanted to go to the quilt shop out there but couldn’t locate it.  So we went to the head shop where we both found some tunes, and Oliver loved up the shop kitties.  Then off to Joann Fabrics in hopes of locating 5 yes five xmas-ie fabrics and the next size up of yo-yo maker…got the fabric…but no yo-yo maker!  UGH!  Oliver turned into a limp noodle and had to be carried through the last store we attempted before going through the drive through at Arbey’s. Oliver drinks really well from a bottle of water! Home to get Tab at work and then just HOME! Cut out all the fabric for next year’s ornaments and started the painting of the spools for the trunks and the tiny cubes that will be the wee presents under the yo-yo trees.


 I dove nowhere yesterday!  Unless you count Sally the Singer!  We drove many a mile together!

Completed 5 bassinet quilts for preemie boys and a doodlebug girl baby quilt all of which will go to West Virginia God’s Tiny Angels.  I’ve 2 more bassinet and 2 more baby girls’ quilts to complete before shipping this pile.


I finished the top of the rainbowie 9-patch twin-sized that will go to Project Linus Greater Twin cities.  Just gotta get the back and what not for that to get it completed.

Worked on the Severe Retinal Damage keep Jim Warm Rainbow king-sized quilt.  Just gotta get the 1 ½ yards of hot pink, black and 2 yards of fabulous rainbow for the border then that one will be ready to sandwich too!

Finally completed the painful pointy table topper too.


Tab just called…she was supposed to get out of work today @ 2pm now she’s staying till 7pm…12 hour shift at Mickey D’s…ugh!  Poor Tab!  Oh well, I’ll PU Oliver and home to throw him at Jim who is still laid off.  Everyone’s in kinda a funk… the employed, the laid off and the wanna be employed.  I think Olie’s the only one who’s just normal!

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