T to the G to the I to the Fribbity Gibbet F

Thus another workweek is coming to a close…


 Jazmin’s suffering from Migraines but for some reason the Dr. is not returning her calls…Probably cuz’ they wanna squeeze just a lil more money outa me by having her have an appointment and have to pay the co-pay and be sent to a specialist, pay another co-pay, try a few drugs that will either do nothing or perhaps blow her head up…co-pay, co-pay, co-pay…eventually find some wee medication that works half the time but kills her liver, kidneys or something else essential (co-pay)…then something else can break on her…ugh even! Tonight since we don’t want to relax or anything we (Jim, Me, Jaz) will be going to the local tattoo parlor so Jaz can get her lip pierced…can’t wait…wonder if I can bow out?!?  Probably not, I gotta be the driver as usual, then go home so I can cook…Hmmm, getting a bit tired of my forever busy life!


Tab, Travis & Oliver were accepted at the Clinic View Apartments…just gotta wait for the money to come in the mail so the can move in, then the fun will begin at my house, I get my room back! Complete with closet, the living room will again be a LIVING room and the kitchen can be tidied and usable too! Sigh, Tab wants a microwave for a apartment warming gift…so that’s on my patter of things I won’t get but get to buy nonetheless. At least when they move and she works on the weekends Travis can watch Oliver…Perhaps she can even get her license, car and start driving herself all over…I can save gas and oh I don’t know, work 40 hours a week and chill occasionally?!?


I’m hoping to sew a bit this weekend unless of course Tab moves out…then I’ll be watching Oliver then disassembling the assorted rooms.  I’ve decided on a ‘professional tote’  I think having an actual pattern to work from will help immensely!  I’ve made a plethora of bags, totes and purses in the past but none ever truly worked for what I wanted / needed in a bag.  Something that matches ‘ME’ not the outfit I’m currently wearing but the rainbow flower earth mother on the inside just screaming to get out.  And have enough room for the assortment of everything I may carry on any particular day yet have room for those OMG we gotta hurry up and wait projects to keep me from hurting anyone. So here’s the pattern:


And the assortment of goodies I’ve purchases to complete it. 


Yeah all three zippers are different colors and the black fabric with daisies is made up since I couldn’t locate the correct fabric on the web.

So there ya go…and here I go! J


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