Hippity Hoppity Hump Day!

Shipping out 3 boxes of lovies today: 1 box crammed with assorted blankets going to Project Linus Greater Twin Cities, 3 quilts going to Heart Babies in Minneapolis, and 11 quilts going to tiny angels in West Virginia. Got another box of 3 quilts at home ready to go to Project Linus next week.


I’m hoping to pick up the fabric needed to start a ‘Home of the Brave’ quilt to make for an injured returning soldier or a killed in action soldier’s family. I’m getting 2 earthy browns, 1 blue & 1 green with a cream and dark red for the little squares.

Also on my massive list of ‘Wants’ I have 1 travel pillow so I can practice a Benjamin Smiles pillowcase for the Ronal McDonald House in Minneapolis. Gotta remember to send in the SASE to get the Benjamin labels for the cases.

Found a few other places I’d like to sew for: Angels for AIDS, a groups that makes nice warm lovies for babies up to young adult sized for people suffering the effects of AIDS, this is based out in California.

One I found a little closer to home is Warm Fuzzies that’s fleece blankets made for persons going through chemotherapy or surgeries related to cancer in Michigan. I plan to get 3 yards of 2 colors of fleece (male & female) and satin edging to complete 6 of these.

Then there’s Quilts from Caring Hands in Oregon. They take baby and youth sized quilts. I’ve made up mailing labels and a size list for all of these so I can just sew like a freak and ship as the boxes fill up.

AND some day soon the kids will be moving out soon. As soon as they get a check in the mail…then I’ll watch Oliver while they move, Jim will tear out the fence in our soon to be room, tear down ½ the wall so we have a living room again, and rearranging the computer room door with the living room door. He’ll be making it so the ½ door he puts in the living room wall doesn’t open, it’ll be like a window between the kitchen and the living room. Hopefully this will happen soon…VERY SOON!


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