Happy Fried Agg Eve

Perhaps within a week er so… the kids could move out… (calm almost can’t be seen happy dance!)

Here’s my new kitchen layout after the big event:


check it out, room to move…an actual eating area and good traffic flow!

And onto the living room…OMG I’ll have a living room again! it’s been so long! When taxes refunds come allong I’ll be getting a futon, some massive bean bag chair and a normal cumfy chair + a oh I’m thinking purple rug!


as I munch my pineapple chunks…we will be removing 1/2 of the wall that made the living room into a bedroom, givnig the kitchen and living room good traffic flow yet dividing them from each other quite nicely.  We’ll trade the front bed room’s door with the computer room’s 1/2 door making a window type deal in the wall between the living room and the kitchen for better shared lighting and air flow.  the 1/2 door will be nailed shut so there won’t be any bright let’s go through the 1/2 door moments.



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