Snomobiling takes an bloody turn!


Friday January 9th 2008

WAUPACA, Wisconsin — Authorities plan to give an update Thursday on their investigation into the killing of several deer when snowmobilers herded and ran over them last weekend in Waupaca County.

Four deer were killed and another had to be euthanized after the incident believed to have happened Friday night in a field along a snowmobile trail south of Waupaca.

A reward fund for information leading to those responsible has grown to more than $10,000, most of it offered by snowmobile clubs.

Waupaca County Sheriff Brad Hardel and wardens with the state Department of Natural Resources scheduled a news conference Thursday afternoon to provide an update on the investigation.

State wildlife officials say a group of snowmobilers ran over five deer, killing four of them and severely injuring a fifth in what a warden calls a senseless act of cruelty.

Department of Natural Resources warden Ted Dremel said Monday no arrests have been made in the incident that occurred early Saturday morning about five miles south of Waupaca.

Dremel believes three or four snowmobiles were involved in what amounted to a roundup of deer in a farm field. Dremel says one deer was left tied to a tree and choked itself to death. Another deer had broken legs and was euthanized.

Dremel says five miles of snowmobile trails in area have been closed due to the carnage. Some snowmobile clubs have offered $4,000 in rewards for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

According to Conat, investigators are hoping snowmobile parts recovered in the area will yield fingerprints and identifying information about at least one of the sleds.

Wednesday January 14th 2009

FOND DU LAC, Wis. — Investigators are trying to find a snowmobiler who ran over and killed 57 mallard ducks on a river near Fond du Lac Wisconsin.

The Department of Natural Resources says the ducks were killed Tuesday and found in a hole in the ice and on both sides of it in the Fond du Lac River.

Warden Supervisor George Protogere says it appears a single snowmobiler performed two passes of water skipping over the ice hole and hit the ducks. The warden calls the killer a person with no concern for life.

The incident comes as public outrage grows about another thrill killing near Waupaca. A group of snowmobilers herded and ran over five deer last weekend. Four were killed, and one was euthanized.

OK people…this is indeed another of those WTF news stories…One groups of idiots does something so stupid it’s unimaginable quickly followed by a 2nd group of idiots copying the 1st group…1st off hate to be sexist but if they catch these pukes…think any of them will be chicks?!?  Better yet…will any of these overachievers be people of color?  Yeah white boys with everything handed to them on a platter since they were fetuses in the pampered womb.   Gotta great idea boys…GET A JOB…GET A THOUGHT OF YOUR OWN…THEN GET A LIFE!

Just my feelings…

Oh and hey!  All you well behaved snowmobilers out there who follow the rules, and obey the laws…feel free to continue the snowmobiling!  There’s just a few of ya’ like in any population that are bad eggs and need to be weeded out…


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