Maude-Dae Maude-Dae

Oh Maude…it’s Monday…


K…the weekend was rather productive! Started Friday after work I was planning to bring Oliver with me to Target and the quilt shop.  He wasn’t coping well with the fact that his mom wasn’t in the Jeep…threw a fit followed by a shoe so I dropped him off at home with Tab.  I went alone.  I fell into step with all the other moms, grandmas and single chicks there with their baskets in hand and ‘green’ reusable totes wandering around trying to locate what we were there for, not get run over by any vicious breeders with their too many children running free to have a firm finger shaken at them occasionally and otherwise totally ignored by their perfectly coifed made up ever so thin mommies on their cell phone guffawing uproariously at what ever Stacy, Brittany, or Courtney just said from 2 isles over. Yeah I’m that kind off pissy shopper!  I said nothing though…just wander to a different location!  Found a travel pillow…ONE in the entire store.  Got 2 sets of baby spoons & forks for Tiny Angels.  Found nifty assed wicked cool HOT pink breast cancer awareness headphones for my not-an-IPod-shuffle so I can walk at work now and use them as earmuffs! Picked up a couple nice dishtowels for the kitchen too…Teal and hot pink!  Perfect!  Then off to the quilt shop where I found 10 different fat quarters for the Home of the Brave quilt I’m working on.  Very nice muted dark reds, dark blues, browns and greens!  Also picked up a yard each of mottled hot pink and Robert Kaufman or Hoffman print that’s FABULOUS for the Extreme Retinal Damage but keep Jim warm Quilt.  This should finish the top now.  Payday I’ll pick up a hot pink or purple king-sized flat sheet and an inexpensive light colored bedspread to use in lieu of batting then I can really get to work on completing it.  If Tab, Travis and Olie don’t move out soo I’ll ask mom if I can borrow her front room floor for pinning and yarning.  I think I’ll just quilt the outside border to keep the blanket from shifting and yarn the rest of the quilt. Then when I get my room back there will be a fantabulous new loving covering the whole bed!


Started and FINISHED my professional tote all in one day and it didn’t take 11 hours like it would have in the class…took 5-6 hours in fact and only had to tear out 2 seams.  I love it…massively massive!  When empty Oliver can sit uncomfortably in it, there’s a middle pocket…


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