Chrystaline Brontosausus

Chrystaline Brontosaurus…look no really look…not at my shadow…
do you see him (I’m just figuring it’s a him, have to be pretty tough to be out in this cold)?
he has no tail and he’s looking over his shoulder…during my lunch walk


The combination of salt, ice inhibitor and water makes bulbous crystalline monster foot prints in the breakdown lane where I walked today. 

Made it all the way to the 1st mailbox past 90th street…that makes 1 mile in half an hour. 

My breath billows hotly in the slight breeze. 

Whilst the Dresden dolls scream angst in my ears…the occasional call of a crow makes it’s way past the ear mashing headphones. 

The sounds of the tires rushing past me sound odd in the cold…kind of a ripping sound of pain. 

860 calories with NO fat calories all day for breakfast & lunch…shouldn’t I be loosing weight?!?


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