I’m just a bit opinionated!

Man crashes vehicle into Planned Parenthood in St. Paul

ST. PAUL — A man purposely rammed a vehicle into front door of Planned Parenthood in Highland Park.

The incident happened at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday in St. Paul.

A 32-year-old man told St. Paul Police he intentionally drove his SUV into the front door of the Planned Parenthood located at 1965 Ford Parkway in St. Paul.

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood says one employee was at the front desk ten feet from the door. Most of the staff was in the building preparing to open for the day. No one was injured.

The man was immediately arrested on the scene for aggravated assault.

Planned Parenthood showed a KARE11 crew surveillance tape of the incident. They could not release it due to the ongoing investigation.

The tape shows the man driving his SUV down the sidewalk and clipping a retaining wall before steering into the front door of the clinic. He then backed up, and rammed it two more times. The driver got out of his vehicle and began waving a crucifix. He surrendered to police when they arrived.

KARE 11 crews on the scene say the damage to the building is minimal. There is damage to the trim of the front door from the vehicle.

Planned Parenthood CEO Sarah Stoesz says she is saddened by the incident, and adds that nothing like it has ever happened at the clinic on Ford Parkway. While that clinic is the only one in the Metro area that performs abortions, Stoesz insists that only 5 percent of its patients actually are there for an abortion.

Tim Stanley, executive director of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, said patients were still being seen at the clinic on Thursday.

Thursday marks the 36-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The Roe decision said that most laws against abortion in the U.S. violated constitutional rights to privacy.

K…here I go with my wee bit of WTF-age… WHY do men think they have to do anything like this?  Has this man ever had sex much less fathered a child?  Why does he think he needs to make a decision for the entire female species?!?  Hmmm?  Why?  Women have the RIGHT to make their own decisions about their bodies, reproduction and anything that dwells in there.  And YEAH I am PRO CHOICE!  Not pro abortion…pro choice…if a woman any woman even my own daughters feel that for their well-being that they need to abort a fetus…then so be it.  I will not ever stand in anyone’s way or stomp on their rights to make their own decisions about their bodies! Damn already…grow up and cope…we are ALL different and ALL have different beliefs…LIVE WITH IT!


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