Sewing maniac…itZ catchy!

January 31st 2009

I try to practice any new or haven’t been attempted in a while block before planning a MASSIVE project using the block.  I cut out 4 civil war sanitary quilt blocks…figured I’d just sew them into a wee quilt to donate…but rather made them into a blindingly bright tote bag! 12X12X6 rather than the HUGE professional tote or the cute but too small preppy love purse…


Used variegated green/yellow machine embroidery thread to do the quilting. Side pockets are from block cut in half, just the right size finished to hole my travel sewing kit in one and mail in the other.  Inside pocket is one block folded in half.


Interior fabric is this painfully wicked cool screaming flower child fabric I found at Wally-Mart.


I finished it in a day…really didn’t time myself, but made it to bed by 2am…



February 1st 2009

Needed the ‘perfect’ wallet…can never find one with enough space for what I actually need to carry with out the space for crap I don’t even have i.e. check book…made this one in a couple hours, white we were trying to NOT watch to super bowl…My license fits perfect in the lil plastic window.  2 pockets inside to hold money, change and the plethora of cards…too COOL!!!


Or shall I say spicy HOT!

Next one I make will not have a metal zipper though! Jaz want me to make her one…gotta have her pick out 2 colors…Still gotta chunk of the red from mine I could use on hers…I’ll have to see if blood clot red works for her…I’ll have to see if Tab would like me to make her one too…



As of February 2nd the Rainbowie-Severe-Retinal-Damage-But-Keep-Jim-Warm king-sized quilt has gotten to the damn near close to finished stage.  The length is now just right.  Just need to add 24 inches more of borders to the width then I can finally get this monstrosity made into a quilt.  I have a black flat sheet for the back and a nice heavy blanket to use in lieu of batting.


I am sick, SICK, sick of being sick! I’VE HAD THE FLU ALL WEEKEND… Hmmm caps…that’s eyecatching!  Still sick but hopefully not contagious.  Gotta work, I can’t afford not to…OY!  Now pleurisy is having a good time maiming me every time I cough or sneeze.  Oh to be old with a crapped out immune system!  Poor Olie has quite the cough too.  I’m thinking it’s from catching a chill at school since they put the kids out side unless it’s below 0…Hopefully his cough won’t turn into anything worse than it is now. Jim’s still sick too, but going to work like a trooper.  Thank Maude for Day-Quil, Sudafed, and the painkillers I can look forward to when I get home!  Rent this week…sigh!  Can’t wait to get my taxes back!  Finally get some furniture in my living room!  The camp chairs are wearing on me!

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