I do so being ill…well ill in combination with the unhealthy that is me.  Been sick for about a week…gross cough, cement in my sinuses…expanding, exploding, pressure causing, cement…can’t blow it or snarf it…just dangles there behind my left eye making filing a real joy as well as picking up Oliver, putting on my shoes…oh yeah, it’s pretty!

Get paid today…pay rent…call in my Rx which I hope Jim can pick up for me on Friday as I’m gonna pay 100% of the rent…tired of paying rent too!  HEY where’s my rent receipt for 2008 and 2007?!?  sure would like to get credit for paying it!  Pukes!  Yeah I’m sick…I hate everyone when I’m sick…alright not everyone…just the people that just normally piss me off…now I really despise their mere existence!

Got a quilt for hmm…Project Linus or maybe tiny angels…on the machine.  Bought a cool little baggie marked bright at the quilt shop full of chunks, strips and even some charm squares all brightly colored.  Made four 4-patch blocks…threw in some interesting borders and wrapped it all up with a 6.5 inch wide pastel rainbow striped border look way cute! baby or girlie!  probably girlie, there’s butterflies on some of the squares.

Got fabric piled and ready to cut for Benjamin Smiles pillow cases, received the labels for those in the mail from his mom.  Got a nice stack for at least 1 Home of the Brave quilt.  Some yummy flannel for Tiny Angels.  Wonderful pink and love shades for a heart baby quilt (will I ever finish the Heap of Sheep quilt I started last year?).  And some MEGA bright and sassy prints for a Project Linus quilt…now all I need is unlimited time, a pile of batting, a few spools of thread and postage!  Yeah all I need…

Tax lady called today…In about a week I can go sign my tax papers, pay $155 and off they’ll go…hopefully I’ll get my refund back real quick! I got plans!  Pay ALL the outstanding medical bills, pay the entire gas/electric bill, pay for my Jeep insurance for the next year, rent a massive roll off bin this spring to clean out the shed, entry way and anything in the house we’re tired of falling over, furniture: 3 chairs, and a couple floor pillows for the living room, wood to replace the floors in the bathroom and hallway, tile wall board to replace the walls in the shower, (sigh) and IF there’s anything left over (ha right) the fabric and quilt needs I have a list of out of Keepsake Quilting and send some $ to Tiny Angels to help with the shipping of the baby things.   Hmmm, we shall see…shan’t we?!?



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