hippity hoppity happy hump day

Happy Hump Day…well for me it’s my Friday eve also since my Fridays are free of charge now.  WOW just got my 1st 32-hour paycheck…good thing I was already sitting down or I would have surely collapsed in a dead heap!  8 missing hours and more taxes being taken out…talk about shock and awe.  Could have handed me a live grenade and it wouldn’t have peeled my eyes off the lack of money.  Thank Maude in HIMMEL Jim still has a job and is still working 40 hours per week. As I knock on simulated wood grain…Nonetheless I have much to do with this pittance!


Jazmin has tonsillitis and of course there are no samples of antibiotics at the clinic so I get to go there 1st after cashing this joke on paper and hopefully not have to give them more than half of it for the drugs.  Gotta get Gas…another painful moment, male out the box of fabric in trade for the pretty plate…I’ll forgo car insurance till Saturday when I cash my state tax refund, got that yesterday…honestly I’m shocked anyone getting a refund this year is being allowed to actually have it at the rate everything’s going!  Rant!  Then drop off Tab and Oliver at their apartment…drop off Jazmin’s drugs…


And go all alone to the quilt shop for my Dear Jane book and colors for the 1st 2 or 3 or 9 blocks…I’ve it all figured out…each block will be a different color of the rainbow!


See?!?  Hope it shows! Totally cool in a totally not 1930’s reproduction way!  BOOWAHAHAHA! All the backgrounds will be dappled crème colored batik except the white blocks, which will have bright rainbow batik for the background.  Although damn near destitute, I’m really looking forward to starting this MASSIVE project.  I realize ‘Cornea-Sizzling-Synapse-Frying-Dear-Jane’s-a-Pain-in-the-Quilt’ will take quite a while to accomplish but it will be well worth the time and pin pricks.  Should painfully fan-tab-u-lous!  Well hey…keeps me out of the bars…ha…hate bars…don’t even hardly ever drink anything fiercer than coffee…go figure!


Saturday Jim and I, perhaps Jaz if she’s no longer catchy, will venture into the beeg ceety Minneapolis to cash the tax check, get the money order for the car insurance and one for my order from keepsake quilting…then to a few hopefully only a few previously viewed furniture stores to sniff and I do really mean sniff out some furniture for the living room.  Having never had brand new furniture in the living room and having gotten many a used piece of furniture I know exactly what I do NOT want coming into the house!  Anything thread bare, anything with cat/dog/other hair on it, anything with critters living in it i.e. fleas My penny pinching X found a chair in the trash…not sitting on the side of the road saying free but chucked into a dumpster, brought it home and not only was the chair infested with fleas soon our cat and in fact I had flea bites too…we had to bomb the apartment and chuck the chair.  I put a sign on it that said beware: fleas! And ANYTHING with an odor!  I got a really nice looking couch from a co-worker once…the smell of cigarettes was so overpowering you could get a contact high just from brushing up against it…the smell NEVER left the couch. Had it for over a year and every time I walked into my house the smell hit me like a brick.  Since I don’t smoke my nose works just fine, almost too well at times…so what ever we find for the living room has to be more than just Fabreezed for quick sale. I want a comfy chair preferably a rocking but not spinning type.  Jim wants a recliner but since we have an ottoman perhaps just a comfy chair would be OK.  Jaz wants one of those video chair deal that looks like an upholstered banana.  And a coffee table.  I’d really prefer everything to be black, red, purple or any combination of those three.  Perhaps once we fill the truck with non-stinky bug free slightly attractive furniture I hope we can go to IHOP, never been there…I’d love some French toast and sausage!  Hoping we can be super time efficient so we can grab groceries on the way home so Sunday will be mine to cut, sew, contemplate!


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