Folded triangle Stars

My Goal is 60 er so of these done by Yule time gift giving time… they’re each about 6.5 inches across

are they pot holders?  Trivets? really big coasters? wicked cool diddle-dee-doos to hang and dangle?!? 

heck…I think they’re all of the above!

I got the pattern from ‘Inchy’ at

purple circle 6-13-09

1st try above…Hense the rather sad finish, I didn’t have enough of the edging… gave it to mom as she loves purple, she lived it in spite of it’s short comings completed June 12th 2009

rainbow circle 6-13-09

fabulously bright rainbowie lovely hanging on my window at work, Completed June 13th 2009

rainbow 2

Made this one for Robbie…I’ll give it to him when he pickes up Jaz for gay 90’s! Completed June 14th 2009

demetria star 6-16-09

This one’s for Demetria my Secret Quilting Sister in Michigan.  Completed June 16th 2009


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