Old lovies but they still look good!

I was at my mom’s last Saturday to pin the retinal damage but keep Jim warm quilt so I could finish it finally.

After pinning and making sure I didn’t pin Keek (Mom’s cat)  inside the quilt I wandered to the reading room and noticed a few quilts I had made in the past for mom & Dad.  Knowing none of them were properly photographed…I did just that!

moms hole in the barn door

I made this in like 1995 er so.  Hand quilted…Lapsized Gave it to mom for her Birthday

frog quilt

9 Multi-colored Frogs Dancing in a Blueberry Bog…

I made this quilt for my mom for X-mas 1997

frog signature

Froggie Signature Block

drunkard frog pattern

Drunkard’s Frog Pattern I threw together so I can make another froggie quilt one day!

dadz broken dishes

Broken Dishes lap quilt I made for my dad X-Mas 2003

dishes signature

Wicked fun signature block I made for the broken dishes quilt. I love the silly fat rat!


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