Heidi’s quilt DONE

birdy quilt DONE 11-7-2009
13 days to spare…I finished Heidi’s ( Jim’s wicked cute daughter) Birdy with the Yellow bill quilt.  Each block is 8 inches square and has a bird of some sort in the middle square.  Some left over from other projects, 1 fabric from my SS, one actually purchased for this quilt…I started this and then realized I had mixed my bird fabric with many fish fabric giving me the inkling that I had more bird fabric that I actually did…UGH!
birdy quilt back 11-7-2009
I love the black backing…wow that’s alot of stitching! I drew the stitching patterns on the blocks as I went.  There are 4 of every design except the spider web of which there are three. each design is slightly different so no two are totally alike
birdie signature 8-2-09
fabulous signature block…added Happy Birthday Heidi after completing the quilt on the 7th of November
birdy quilt spider web 11-7-2009
voted the favorite block at our house…I’m working on my next project to show off this quilt design again!

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