a stitch in time

A stitch in time…save 9?!? 

how about a few million…I’ve never gotten bored enough to actually count all the stitches I’ve quilted in a quilt…most likely won’t start now…but here are a few I’ve placed thus far in my Celestial Rainbow quilt.

Hard to see in the photo…Not real easy to see them in real life for that matter… but here’s the stitching in the sun portion of the quilt.  I’ve drawn it on free hand using a pencil…yeah I know…pencil bad but I couldn’t see the ‘special’ white marker I purchased for just this occasion so I gave up and grabbed the graphite…

since I’m making this quilt for me…yeah I know…like it’s my turn or something…I figure I can cope with a lil pencil residue…

who knows how long this will take my since this is my drag to assorted waiting rooms and wait…quilt…

started 11-11-2009…and the count down begins…giggle


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