April is for Witch making

finished the last of the witch bonnet sue blocks for the swap, now I’m working on mine…this will eventually be the most wicked cool quilt! this and all the other WBS blocks is 12.5 X 12.5 the center hand pieced then the borders machined on. Pattern can be found : http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/hp/edited/5_inch_paperpiece_hogwartssue.jpg finished April 3rd 2010

JBRR # 27 (Just add a Border Round Robin), I’m still working on the # 25 round robin but I figured I’d get an early start on the next round robins by getting the bellybutton squares done. This is a witch that has been shaken me thinks, her eyes say so… and since I couldn’t locate a star button (go figure) she has a rubbery frog on her hat. 4.5 X 4.5 inches square, all hand pieced…she looks better in person as the flash kinda washed her out… Her pattern is from 300 Paper Pieced patterns by Carol Doak pattern # 089 finished April 3rd


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