Crazy Hearts the beginning

Natalia’s Heart

I had already done this pattern for a friend in a block swap so I pretty well knew what was up; doing Natalia’s block was a healing experience. For some reason when I think of Nat’ I think of Teal and butterflies…so I frappe’d all the teal I had in my stash and wonderful blue butterflies on black.  Jaz noted that the block was a bit busy…hmmm…isn’t that like the goal of a crazy block? The black half of the heart is for her heart defect, Hypoplastic left heart syndrome…I thought of her wonderful brown eyes and that great black curly baby hair that I always slicked up like a kewpie doll curl on top of her head. You’ll always live on in my heart sweet baby.

March 19th 2010

Yane’Z Heart

I did mine next just to get into it…so if I made a horrid mistake I could cope since it is my block after all…I’d feel quite devastated if I totally trashed mom’s or Jim’s…ya know what I mean!

I actually put 2 fabrics in backwards since I seem to do many a thing totally outside the box…course I’m sure I’m the only one who will get the irony…any other quilter will look at it and go…hey…you put the fabric in backwards…can you see them?  Oh…and my embroidery prowess is WAY lacking but I can do the backstitch pretty adequately…

Peas (green) and carrots (orange) are one of my favorite color combinations…right up there with pink and green…purple and teal…well I had to pick 1… So this isn’t a ‘normal’ or regulation crazy block, no subdued or jewel tones here…blatant silliness!  Two done…18 to go…boowahahaha…takes me about a day to do all the hand piecing then I put on the ribbons by machine.   

March 21st 2010

Jim’s Heart



Jim’s is all red and black…tried to make it ‘angry-heavy-metal’ doesn’t seem to have turned out totally terrifying what with the heart fabric and the kissy lip stuff, but I think the tattoo dragon and skulls make up for that. Used some lovely see-thru ribbon for embellishments.

Hand pieced like all the others will be.

Finished March 26th 2010


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