Round Robin is HOME -n- tiny heart

it is beautiful! I LOVE it Thanks to Rita, Debbi, Candis and Shelly…beautiful work ladies! Haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it now or donate it. It would be perfect to warm my knees on those long cold Minnesota nights…I just can’t thank you all enough for doing such a beautiful job! All I have left to do is add prairie points all around and I can get to quilting! Thank you again! And I can’t wait for the next round robin! April 22 2010

2.75 inch wee little heart…9 pieces…had to put on the readers to do this one…I may try to go smaller eventually, I have 5 more of these to finish first. I’m making a tiny pink and red heart quilt or perhaps center block for another round robin. 1st itty bitty tiny heart done on April 22nd 2010. From the book 300 paper pieced patterns by Carol Doak. Pattern # 120


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