Welcome to MAY babee


Completed Apple Bees block for Donna via the SWGWSW swap… The apple pattern is from Sew Hooked: http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/paper_piecing/edited/5_inch_apple.jpg The bee is from piece by number: http://www.piecebynumber.com/pastbom/beepatt.htm Does the block look a bit off center?!? Did that on purpose since both Jim and I are a bubble off and this block is supposed to be of a place that means something to me. My 1st date with Jim was at Apple Bees… block is 12.5X12.5 finished on May 1st 2010…the swap is for July…what can I say, I was in a hurry…


Apple # 2…this one is for the block I’m making for my SWGWSW swap quilt. The pattern is from SEW Hooked: http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/paper_piecing/edited/5_inch_apple.jpg Look almost good enough to eat…well maybe, I don’t recall any blue apples…I’m sure a scientist some where is working on that…LOL Block is 5.5 inches thus far… May 2nd 2010

Yet another Witch for my WBS (Witch Bonnet Sue) Quilt. This one is a green eyed monster…I’ve have the purple spider fabric for oh about 10 years now…the Celtic green I thought would look lovely for the hat… block is 12.5X12.5 and the pattern started out at a fabric postcard pattern that I blew to 8.5X11 so it would be larger on this block. Pattern from Quilt Concepts: http://www.quiltconcepts.com/quilt/patterns/free/witch-paper-pieced-pattern.pdf Finished May 2nd 2010

Jim and Shamus after a long day mowing…a bit tired but never too tired for a good wrestling match on the floor…hmmm…who has the bluest eyes?!? May 2nd 2010


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