Cinco de Mayo eve sewing

My bee for the apple bees block…for some reason the camera chewed off the corner…None the less I really like the way this turned out!  The blue is from a swappin’ friend who sent me some extras with the block she made me.  This wee block is about 5 inches square. All piecing was done by hand. I may be adding some embroidery for antennae but haven’t decided yet…

The pattern is from Piece by Number:

Finished May 4th 2010


The completed Apple Bees block for my SWGWSW quilt…I’ve had the bumble bee fabric forever and finally had a perfect block for it!  The 2 small blocks were done by hand, and the block construction done on the machine. Finished Block is 12.5 square

Apple patter is from Sew Hooked:

Bee pattern from piece by number:

Both patterns are free in the web.

Block completed on May 4th 2010


Splayed Shamus…this is who spreads out behind me on the floor while I sew…just waiting for an iota of attention…or better yet a massive pile of wrestling…poor Shamus has absolutely no toys! He’s the furry son we always wanted and the irritating little brother Jazmin could live without most of the time…LOL

May 4th 2010


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