motherZ day work

SWGWSW Sperm whale for Lutra…not due till September…but hey! Had the pattern so got to work! Purchased pattern from: finished block is 12.5 inches square. Whale done by hand and border by machine. Jazmin loves the water fabric. Embroidered the eye and spray, and the French knot pupil actually worked! Completed May 7th 2010

My version of the whale…course mine has to be totally NOT naturally colored…wacky whale made from the sperm whale pattern from Whale by hand and border by machine. Jazmin was not overly impressed with my silliness…go figure! But the French knot pupil worked for this one too! Block is 12.5 inches square. This silly whale will reside in my SWGWSW quilt, eventually for my bed! Completed May 8th 2010

Finally finished the belly button block for the next Round Robin…whew! Eye burning home is where the heart is. This is 17 inches square…all the hearts and the house were hand pieced the borders were added by machine. All patterns are from 300 Paper Pieced Patterns by Carol Doak. The house pattern is number 117. The inner 4 hearts are number 124. The outer 4 hearts are 120. When this leaves for the round robin the borders added will be in shades of red, pink and white on white. Promises to be bright and fabulous! Completed May 9th 2010

Sweet Shamus stretching up on me like a kitty…too cute! May 9th 2010


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