Almost the last weekend in May

Mother/kitchen witch (see the spoon) from a pattern I purchase from Etsy:

Blew her up a bit but she still turned out quite small so I added the Mac-n-cheese star from 300 paper pieced patterns by Carol Doak pattern # 239.  Completed block is 12.5X12.5 square May 23rd 2010


Rather lame attempt at fusible machine appliqué without the benefit of fusible anything… Oh well…had this with for quite a while, about 10 years in fact, and had to put her somewhere…this is the result…sigh… 12.5 X 12.5 square…May 22nd 2010


Shamus sprawled not enjoying the 90 degree heat index at all… May 22nd 2010

Shamus checking out the huge hairy bumble bees on the other side of the mesh…May 23rd 2010


Who’s that schnauzer in the rat tank?!?  Shamus never was properly introduced! May 23rd 2010


Er whut? May 23rd 2010

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