some sewing of old

Ah the 1990’s…when men were men and I sewed everything I could find…being gainfully unemployed and having nothing else to do but sew I started sewing a jacket out of a b-zillion wee triangles (broken dishes)


And ended up making way too many vests…all of which I finally gathered up and donated to the local thrift store since they are small and I’ll never wear them again…

Halloween pointy edge lined with a blanket…yes…a blanket!


Jonah and the cool purple whale…LOVE the lining of this one!


Noah and a plethora of assorted beasties…note wavy bottom hem…lined with denim


Reversible vest…well behave on one side frantically tropical on the other…


Sky vest made of all the sky/star fabrics in my stash at the moment…lined with denim…I do hope some one will purchase these…I worked quite hard on all of them…


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