had to share

(thanks Debbie for sharing)

I wanted to share this, from an article in Quilters Newsletter this month, with all my quilting friends. The message is very powerful.

“Getting Back to our Roots…
Some of your letters to the editor really saddened me. When did quilting become such an elitist, snobbish, and judgmental pastime? As a traditional quilter for over 30 years, I’ve lately observed a disturbing trend in quilting. What used to be a group of diverse women gathering to share their time and ideas seems to have become, in some cases, a rarified group of competitive, inflexible individuals. Quilters, let’s remember why we quilt. We may not love the finished piece, but we always love the process. We keep on quilting not for contests, money, or adulation — we quilt because we love it! “Let’s foster compassion over competition, celebrate shows over contests, and show more appreciation for diversity and less arrogance toward our sister quilters.” Patronize the shops that struggle to serve us and honor the quilts that speak to our individuality.
Nadene Besonen
Port Austin, Michigan” unquote

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve noticed that there are a few too many, who seem to “snub” other quilters, as if they are “queen” in this craft. Quilting should be as it used to be, a gathering of all type, race, religion, nationality, economic status of “quilters” who share the one common thread…the love of quilting, or the desire to learn to quilt. We should be inspired by each other, not because one is an experienced quilter, or a quilt designer or teacher, but because we enjoy the unique or individual inspirations of even the very beginning quilter. Not because we think someone (or ourselves) to be better than others in the room…but because we can learn from each other, even through your mistakes or mine. I’ve taken classes, where I’ve learned as much if not more from the lady sitting next to me, then I did from the teacher of the class…because her “wisdom” of tips helped me. I’ve been inspired by a new quilter’s choice of fabric’s or colors, more than I have by “professional” quilters, designer quilts, or art quilts. I’ve appreciated a sincere compliment with a quilt tip attached, more than a “destructive” comment, judgmental look, or arrogant attitude of a quilter who believes herself to be better than other’s in the room. Let us remember, honey gains more than vinegar, and judge not lest we be judged ourselves. Let us enjoy each opportunity to share among friends, strangers, and all quilters, our wisdoms without judgment, our compliments with grace and humility, our comments with kindness and acceptance. I would hope that if we find someone who demonstrates an “attitude of elitist, snobbish and judgmental ways”, that we find the courage and strength to turn away and foster a new friendship of “compassion over competition, celebrate shows over contests, and show more appreciation for diversity and less arrogance toward our sister quilters.” I couldn’t have put that any better.
I look forward to connecting with my quilt friends. I look forward to opportunities where I can join any group of quilters, for the sisterhood and friendships. My seams may not be exact, my fabric choice may not be well blended, but my heart is in every stitch, and I really love to quilt…ALL type patterns of quilts.

we are all our own person…we like what we like…
then again there are pleasent ways of saying to another creative person that perhaps you’d do it different…without hurting that person’s feelings… :)


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  1. You’re the 3rd quilt blog so far today talking about basically the same thing!! Guess it’s a universal mind meld!!

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