a lil sompin sompin

The swapped witches are here!!!  Also the 2009 witches…

and the quilt will begin on Friday the 13th (August)…WOOOOOO HOOOOOO can’t wait!

A quilt for ME!  Freaky weird…


I dyed…hot spicy pink and voluptuous purple…

2 white queen sized sheets and 2 chopped up remains of white sheets…


Halloween wall hangings for my Halloweenie bathroom


Purchased at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia, finished July 27th 2010


The paper dolls…


Purchased at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia…given to Emma, Ella and Jocelyn…

Finished July 27th 2010


Olie got his face painted at Rails to Trails in Watertown too cute!


Shamus totally worn out by his hair cut snuggles up with his new puppy from Gumma July 24th 2010


Sweet Lovie made for Jocelyn…started a while back but finally finished July 31st 2010…

large crib sized with tie dyed backing…machine quilted and tied for super washability


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