this weekend’s MeanderingZ

Quilted signature square for my WBS (Witch Bonnet Sue) plus quilt…
I’ve noticed that nothing I sew is ever ‘perfect’, wonder how other quilters do it…but I digress…this block is about 12.5X12.5…give er take. The three wee candy corns are from Paper Pieced Quilt Labels # 6 and can be found at:

August 29th 2010

Echo Quilting around one of the WBS (Witch Bonnet Sue) Blocks I received from Lorraine in New Zealand.  I LOVE water erase marking pens! They made this wicked cool echo quilting possible!  Completed August 29th 2010

E is for Ella’s nappy time towel for school.  Paper pieced the E and embroidered the K in kiwi colored embroidery floss…E pattern is from 300 paper pieced patterns by Carol Doak, pattern # 005. Finished August 28th 2010.

Shamus post weekly bath…yup that’s yer butt!  He still hasn’t learned that pose nice for mommy yet… August 28th 2010

Incredibly damp close up of Shamus’ schnozzle. Pretty sure he wanted to eat the camera…August 28th 2010

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