companion animal heart

Companion Animal block is for all the beasties large and small who have been a big part of our lives.  Reptiles, fish, amphibians, rodents, arachnids, cats, dogs, birds, the odd horse and cow…even a snail for Igor Jazmin’s Apple Snail. A butterfly for the monarch’s we try to grow each year.  Yes we’ve attempted many a beastie! They all will dwell in our hearts long after they’ve left this mortal sphere. Note: the 2 Shamus’…he was sprawled warmly against my leg while I hand pieced this one…

Completed September 14th 2010

Shamus isn’t really into his new Halloween hat…It does keep him on one place till he gets it off his head though! September 14th 2010

Shamus is having a good glare at me for heartlessly strapping a hat on him.  Guess he’s just not that into fashion! September 14th 2010

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