a lil Shamus a lil piecing

Went to Target to get Oliver an inflatable mattress since he now will be sleeping at my house Sunday thru Thursday because his mom now works 3rd shift…can’t go to Target without checking out the dollar bins.  Well, there was Halloween baby t-shirts…hey it’s a buck so I got one for Shamus, I figured since it had the flap neck it would fit over his head.

You would not believe how calm he was after the t-shirt was on, no jumping up on us…no hyper behavior.  Jim though it was because he was embarrassed…hey…I could have gotten pink!  We tried putting it on him again when Oliver came over since Shamus cannot behave when Oliver is over…didn’t work, guess he got over his embarrassment!

September 26th 2010

Yule swap ornament this year will be a 4 inch (complete) paper pieced tree in shades of batik and white on white…I hope to make at least 7, one for me, one for mom and 6 to send for the swap…one done, takes about a day of hand piecing and quilting…with the usual interruptions. The flash really washed out the color…the tree is lime green the trunk tan fossil fern fabric… pattern from 300 Paper Pieced Quilt Block Patterns by Carol Doak, Pattern # 044 completed September 26th 2010


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