rather busy weekend

Oliver’s Heart

Olie is SO a little boy (at the moment) I went through all my fabric to find all the boy fabric.  Couldn’t locate any snips and snails and puppy dog tails so we’ll have to just put up with truck and motocross and flame coated tattoos! A lot of the fabric Oliver has picked out over the years at the quilt shop.  Guess I’ll have to make an entire boy quilt one of these days!

Hand paper pieced with the manly ribbons machine sewed on. Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ http://www.paperpanache.com/guests/aheart.htm this block will join 19 others to make my ‘Those Who Dwell in my Heart.

Completed October 16th 2010

Hearts for my ‘Those Who Dwell in my Heart’ quilt so far…11 so far…9 to go!  This will be such an eye burning assortment of Gigglytude!  Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ http://www.paperpanache.com/guests/aheart.htm October 17th 2010

Three little tree Yule ornaments for an ornament swap…each hand paper pieced and quilted…7 more to go for this swap…I better get in gear! Pattern from 300 paper pieced quilt block patterns by Carol Doak pattern # 44 October 17th 2010

Shamus is totally bored by my sewing…poor tired guy got a bath then I trimmed the hair across the bridge of his nose so he could see out of his eyes. October 17th 2010

Oliver and this 3 hour Lego airplane. October 17th 2010


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