beginning of this quilter

In the beginning…I was trapped on bed rest with my 3rd daughter…trapped from 4 month gestation on…Jaz’ was in a BIG hurry to join the world.  I had personal care nurses come in a few hours a day to help with the house hold stuff and to make sure Tab, almost 3 at the time, had a bit of a life during that lovely pregnancy.  One of those great ladies was a quilter and brought me a box of scraps and other goodies for quilting so I could keep my hands busy while busily doing not much else.  She gave me a few pointers but other wise I was on my own.  These quilts all live in the hallway of out house, helping to deaden the painful echoes and insulate the Northern wall of our ‘vintage’ 1973 house trailer…

The first of my quilting adventure was a bunch of squares that were already cut out and some bunny pillows.  I blended them all together using a horribly itchy blanket as the batting.  Now almost 20 years later I still don’t know how to hand appliqué (much less machine) I whip stitched the bunnies onto the squares after sewing them together by hand.  I had no idea how to finish the quilt or quilt the quilt…so it holds it self together with no quilting or tying…go figure! The bunny quilt was completed in September 1990 and is 37” X 40”, all hand sewn.

Jazmin’s Star Quilt…an adventure into a not-square quilt.  I started this when we lived in our cramped little apartment.  I used cardboard cut outs of the Civil War Sanitary block tracing around them on the wrong side of the fabric then cutting out all the pieces with a scissor…I’d no idea what a rotary cutter was yet. This was started when she was almost 1, I was hoping for this to be her 1st birthday quilt…She finally got it when she was 3, had her own room and a big girl bed. 53”X53”

The Girls Art Quilt… Started in 1993 Completed 1994…Tabitha was 6 and Jazmin was 3 when the art work was created using Crayola Iron on Crayons. I quilted around each pictures using colored embroidery floss to go with the colors in the pictures.  Then the ladies got to pick out beads and buttons to give the quilt a tactile feel.  37”X52”

Sunflower Block Swap Quilt.  I found this in Quilter’s Magazine Newsletter when they had swaps and quilting pen pals noted in the back of the magazine.  WAY before I knew of Yahoo Quilt Groups!  I sent out the bellybutton fabric to 20 other quilter’s and I received 20 other belly button fabrics to create blocks around…This is one quilt made of the blocks I received…other quilts made of these blocks have long since been given away and forgotten.

This quilt was completed in 1994, tied and slightly hand quilted, machine pieced…using a very garish table cloth for the back. 51”X62”

Kewpie Doll Quilt completed 1995 made of fabric swatches in an attempt to look like a watercolor quilt, backed with a hideous black blend fabric I got at a garage sale. Machine quilted with a chunk of cotton batting. 25.5”X25.5”


Shades of Pink Home Sweet Home lap quilt.  Made many a lap/baby quilt using printed pillow panels for the center and wide borders and squares all around.  Prairie point to match and machine quilted.  This is the only one left…slightly sun bleached and rat chewed from rat hugging on the couch in the winter.  Completed in 1995 45”X43”

‘9 Lakes and a Puddle Enlivened by Native Beasties, Ecologically Sound Trails about, the Green Grass Grows All Around’ Quilt.  Completed in March 1998.

I had been gathering fabrics that were just TOO great to throw into just any quilt.  Once I had a nice stack I located the pattern at the local library, ‘Tropical Depression’ is the name of the block, basically a square in a square in a square etc.  Machine pieced with an itchy blanket in lieu of batting, hand quilted. Again not a square quilt.  I added a little more fun to the back using other fabric in the collection I hadn’t added to the front.  Signature square hasn’t faded even after many washes. 62”X54”


There are quite a few other quilts out there I never got pictures of and they no longer live with me…



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