Quilt I whipped up for Oliver’s preschool teacher Natalie who will be having a baby girl soon.  Bunch of 6.5 squares sewn together to make a 42” X 48” lovie, machine quilted with a

Tie Dye backing (I did the dying) finished up with multicolored prairie points. 11-7-10

Shamus extreme eye close up…I was trying to capture his incredibly long eyelashes…they’re like 2 inches long…freakish! 11-7-10

7 little paper pieced pine tree Yule ornaments…sigh…I don’t think I’ll make it to the 10 I was trying to accomplish… L 11-6-10

my WIP (work in process) blocks…I hang them behind the sewing machine so their always glaring at me to COMPLETE a project…eventually… There are the crazy paper pieced heart blocks for my ‘Those Who Dwell in my Heart’ Quilt…a group of swap blocks and blocks I’ve made that turn out larger than 12.5 square…some paper pieced blocks that are waiting for a quilt to live in, some signature blocks for the massive blocks when they grow into quilts and Halloween swap blocks…have 2 so far…this quilt may take a while to accomplish… 11-8-10



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