Mug Rugs

Mug Rugs…wicked cool X-mas gift giving! Idea from 6X9 inch mug rugs made from leftovers from a girlie quilt I’m working on with some great Laurel Burch holiday fabrics to make them really POP! Made four to sell at the thrift shop bizarre: and 3 for ladies at work.  (Currently working on 5 more for a craft show I was invited to!)

Blended with some up-cycled glass mugs and gourmet cocoas perfect quick gift! December 4th 2010


Poem added to each mug rug gift set (yeah I can rhyme occasionally)

This little mug rug I made just for you.

It’ll hold a cup, a bowl or crackers, just a few.

It’ll hold coffee or tea

Or even a glass of wine with cheese.

Don’t worry if you spill

(and you know you will)

Just throw it in the wash,

spend some time in the dryer

Good as new it will be,

Now don’t be a crier.

So put it by your computer,

Or your favorite easy chair.

It’ll wait patiently till you put your hot drink there!



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