sew sew…snow snow

Last weekends blizzard was great fun as long as you weren’t out driving in it…thankfully Shamus doesn’t have thumbs so he wasn’t going out for a spin other than on the deck! 12-11-12 & 12-12-10

Jim post snow blowing…by the way snow blowing a newspaper makes a very funny noise! 12-12-12

Super furry Shamus…totally ready for that haircut!

My sewing ladies…the newest is the brother embroidery machine…I am SEW happy! 12-10-10

Oliver’s early birthday celebration at Gumma & Buppa’s 12-10-10

Shamus in his freshly personalized jacket…

he really doesn’t like being dressed…go figure! 12-12-10


Shamus sans all that fur!  He likes his coat now! Tidy little guy! 12-14-10

Some more mug rugs made for Heidi & my desk at work!


Heidi’s care package, filling up! 12-13-10

Name tag for Sue’s secret Santa gift @ work…lovin’ my embroidery machine! 12-12-10

Elaine not really the riveter 12-12-10


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