New embroidery machine :)

Really enjoying my embroidery machine!

Jim got me a 12 foot long USB cable for Christmas so the computer at home can reach the embroidery machine!

This is the well loved boy, free from Embroider This…this is the 1st design I did off the computer…He is just too CUTE! He’s a little less than 4 inches tall. 12-24-10

Purchased this design from Urban Threads…

I’m thinking this would make great belly buttons for mug rugs!

I’m using thread I have on hand, will be purchasing more to make these even more fabulous! 12-26-10

I contacted Embroidery designs and they created a program to make a black and white version of my quilt label…LOVE IT…so now I’m having a color version made so I can embroider my label on to the quilts I make! No more purchasing labels for me! 12-27-10

Here’s the well loved girl from Embroider this…Jazmin wants to make a key chain out of her…we’ll see…I may make a wee wall hanging with her and the boy… 12-27-10



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