Sewing Embroidery Quilt piecing

Still Quilting / Sewing…well, occasionally… Made MY BED pillows for all the wee ones I know…Oliver, Sully, Neil, Zoë, Ella, Emma, Jocelyn…for Yule/X-mas…

Olie likes his…hope the rest do too! 12-19-2010

Embroidered form monograms onto handkerchiefs for my dad for X-mas so made a few more sets to put on Etsy for Dad/Grandpa…according to mom not many people use hankies any more…haven’t figured out how to embroider Kleen-X yet… 12-22-10


here’s the Peaceful Betty Rainbow Tea Party quilt beginning… eye scorching! Traumatic retinal damage even! I little bit of peace, a little Batik, a little Betty Boop…quite sizable thus far, haven’t decided if I’m adding prairie points yet…it will be backed with purple tie dyed sheeting eventually. 12-26-10


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