wrk wrk wrk

Love this little devil! Purchased this design from Urban threads http://www.urbanthreads.com …their designs are so stinkin’ fun! This little devil will be joining the other practice embroideries in an I spy quilt…eventually… January 27th 2011

Hey can you ever have too much girl power? Probably but until then this hot pink piece of in your face will be added to pink bibs (when I get them) and a tie dyed onsie (after I dye it of course) till then this practice embroidery will be joining the ever growing pile of I spy squares…bought this design from Urban Threads http://www.urbanthreads.com I can’t say enough good things about their wicked coolness! January 27th 2011

My work is never done…here are 2 works in progress…Emma & Ella’s spectacular eye burning quilts…the little girl faces will be the corner squares of a stripe pieced border I hope to complete this weekend…wish me luck! January 28th 2011


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