a little this a little that

Hmmm sometimes free just doesn’t hit me as a great deal…these Autism embroideries looked great on the computer screen but I’m not quite knocked for a loop…don’t get me wrong they’re lovely…think I’ll search out some I can purchase that are a bit tidier and filled in…still they’re cute on the tie dyed hankies! 1-31-11

Now free from Urban Threads is always a good thing!  Love this love! It will be great in the I Spy quilt…almost have enough practice squares to get that started…I need a few more irons in the fire! 1-31-11

Oliver picked the colors for the peace splat practice square…you can never go wrong with orange! Peace out! 1-31-11

HEY look what I found in my digging while the machine was whirring away…a massive basket of previously viewed hankies!  Some to embroider some to put back away for that ever elusive hankie quilt…think I’ll embroider the black one for my wedding with blue thread…something old…something new…something borrowed…something blue…I’ll have them all covered ‘cept the borrowed part…I’ve got time! 1-31-11



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