Halloween Bouquet

I’ve moved away from the machines for a bit to work on my wedding stuff…I have a heaping pile of feathers, some wee black roses and ribbons…a few skeletons and some black tulle…

the wedding is on Halloween and we’ll all be in costume so I’m so not going with anything traditional or white for that matter…my dress is black and I’ll have a wee black top hat with a skeleton sitting on the back with his bony legs hanging on the bit of veil there…haven’t started the hat yet but I started the bouquet last night so this is definitely a work in progress as I don’t have everything for it yet…I’ll be making lace bats and a brain or 2 on the embroidery machine to add…the zombie baby isn’t part of the bouquet but he will be sitting at the table of refreshments for after the wedding…

And I ordered my shoes and dress this week…Ordered Jim’s (the groom) coon skin cap artificial as I wasn’t going to pay for a real one… He’s dressing up as a mountain man with knee high moccasins, suede and cap guns…and the coon skin cap of course…I will be in a black steam punk dress with black shoes that have clock gears on them…Shamus is the best man, he’ll be in a puppy tux…Oliver is the ring bearer with the pillow being a bat I made…I have Jim’s earring, since he can’t wear a ring because of his work, the earring is a black bent barbell with spikes on the ends…If the weather’s nice we’ll be in a friends gazebo in her garden or if the weather’s nasty we’ll be in her artist’s loft…about 24 people at the most…should be interesting, I’ve never planned a wedding


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