wedding preparations continue

While working on the brains for my wedding gobble-dee-gook I noticed Shamus was rather occupied…eating the Groom ducky from Oliver’s bucket of ducks for bath time…is this a wedding omen?!? Bad puppy…

Pretty sure his eyes are open…

My wedding bouquet…ran out of lime green ribbon though…so it’s not totally done…3-26-11

Jim’s boutonnière…yup that’s a brain! 3-26-11

My hat…LOVE IT!!! But alas ran out of lime green ribbon so it’s not totally done either… I’ve tried it on…quite solid it is…I may have to put in a weird ponytail so I can drive a hat pin through the whole thing to keep it in place… 3-27-11

Back of the hat with a skeleton wearing left over lace wings…neato! 3-27-11

Front of ‘the hat’ with fun froo froo feathers dancing in the slightest breeze… 3-27-11

Throw bouquet…I had some left overs from the bouquet and hat so WALA a freakish throw bouquet…some how I picture all the single ladies running to NOT catch it. 3-27-11

Throw bouquet detail…see the brain…mmm zombie love! threw it a couple times when Shamus wasn’t in the room…very durable! 3-27-11

My fantabulous wedding garter…see a theme growing?!? 3-26-11



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