Peace Flowers Freedom Happiness

…a moment of hippy-ness in Sakura Pigma Micron pens on 8.5 X 11 Strathmore paper

Finished after 3 days April 18th 2010

 N is for Natalia

Her birthday was on Monday the 18th she would be 22 this year

Lovely Natalia
Walking in circles
I lay my head upon the urn
of cold uncaring stone
mumbling innocence
into the smooth reflectiveness
that glimpses at my tears
that threaten to slip by
in intervals.

Violent yet secretive
shudders corrode me
smiling like a star
in the bright morning.

Holding on to my fingers
in fear of collapse
I sing a song
that no one hears
not because I sing it low
it is an internal melody
that rings
like a bizarre expression
that help my spirit
as you fell
out of my arms, out of my control
out of my life..

I shed a tear
running down my cheek
in vain
wiping my illusion
to a nakedness.

You fell in an abyss
where I cannot reach.

All I can do
pinch myself bloody
wake from this intolerable
hoping you would regain life
from my internal melody.

-Sakura Pigma Micron pens on a Zentangle Tile, 3.5X3.5 watercolor paper

Full sized art can be viewed on my deviant art page: http://wiccanwitchiepoo.deviantart.com/


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