47 burp cloths

in celebration of my soon to be granddaughter (yeah I’m going to be getting a granddaughter in November) and her very healthy heart (whew what a relief, no heart defect in this sweet baby) Tabitha’s naming her Olivia Grace (after my mom…mom still doesn’t know the babies name, Tab wants to surprise her) So Oliver will have a little sister…he’s still not too sure about all of this…he loves babies though so I think he’ll be just fine…OK onto what I made…
Last night I cut out 47 burp cloths out of fabulous fun flannel
yup forty-seven of them…lets say I was on a roll! 4 for Tab to pick out for her house, 4 for me to have at my house since Olivia will be coming home at night with Oliver when Tab’s at work…a few to try to sell, 2 for the trick-or treat bags for my wedding for the newborn and soon to be born girls…the rest will be sent to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia http://danettesangels.tripod.com for sweetie babies in need!

2 comments on “47 burp cloths

  1. what really nice is there is enough of most colors to cut squares and make a nice flannel one patch crib sized quilt or 2… 🙂

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