last weekend of September!

Kaili’s heart…one of 20 hearts blocks for the ‘All Who Dwell in My Heart’ quilt…Black and Blue…not for bruises…and not for Emo or Hipster (giggle) just kinda dark but not horribly dark…hmmm…well yeah! With a dash of celestial…The pattern was free from: hand paper pieced, machined a bit, machine attached the ribbons and hand embroidered the name…about 9X8 inches at the moment 9-25-11

Olie & Jim flying a styrofoam airplane…every time it landed it fell apart…guess that’s part of the fun…reassembling…9-25-11


Cheshire cat embroidered for an eventual swap design from Urban Threads 9-25-11…


Batch of preemie happiness gathered for Tab’s friend Rebecca’s tiny daughter Phae…aw…9-25-11


Handkerchief baby bonnet made for Phae…eventually it’ll fit her! 9-25-11


Embroidered sweatshirt for mom to give away…9-25-11…


Detail of embroidered sweat shirt, I haven’t washed away the wash away stabilizer yet…9-25-11…


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