wickedly busy

Finished the fabulous swap pillow…IT’S FABULOUS! I so want to keep it…I will have to make another one…eventually…the Cheshire grin really makes it! It’s about 11 inches square…10-15-11

The open back makes it easy to remove the pillow form for very gentle hand washing as needed…10-15-11

And a moment for Shamus’ massive mouth…massive 10-15-11

My wedding bat choker…beaded and wicked!

Check out the crystal dangle beads…EEEEEEEEEEE…2 weeks till the BIG day! 10-15-11

Chinless Shamus…visualize him with ALL his hair shave off…poor baby with a flat bony head and no chin…don’t think we’ll ever do that…he needs his goatee! 10-16-11

Started the Kris-Ella-Emma heart for the ‘Those Who Dwell in My Heart’ quilt…their heart is all flowery prints…girlie and garden filled…looks stunning so far! Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ http://www.paperpanache.com/guests/aheart.htm  10-16-11

And finally Shamus…really needs a hair cut…he’s becoming quite the fur ball… 10-16-11

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